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Your experts for strategic and implementation-oriented organizational and human resources development. We accompany companies, executives, teams and employees in their transformation and development processes and make them sustainable.

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For almost two decades, we have been accompanying companies, executives, teams and employees in their strategic transformation and development processes. Creating unique solutions. For unique challenges. Because your company and your questions are as individual as every single person of your staff. We dive fully into you, curiously investigate your situation and work with a vision to create creative and effective solutions. Our motivation is to sustainably develop people, teams and companies. The partnership together with our customers is as characteristic for us as our future-oriented concepts and the diversity of our interdisciplinary team.


Strategy and creativity, company and people, consulting and realization - that's us – to make a long story short. In nearly 20 years of work we have developed our own philosophy and special methodology. What is so special about it? Mainly that development and learning at eo ipso Strategie & Entwicklung are triggered by personal experience. Experience gained by playing and interacting with other people remains sustainable - that sums it up very well.


Are you on your way to the future? Would you like to have a partner by your side? Then come and join us. We will accompagny you - with our understanding of strategy and our strength to realize things. On our common way we integrate executives and employees and make sure that direction and goals are clearly understood. Together we develop a route – with our mindset being our compass to find the right way during all phases of change.

Person-oriented simulation

You can find the whole guideline here.

The research project LerndA (experience-based learning through work) examines the conditions and practice of a learning-friendly work organization in companies. In cooperation with the interdisciplinary project team, consisting of the Institute for Social Science Research (ISF) Munich, Representatives of the participating partner as well as the eo ipso Strategie & Entwicklung GmbH, the person-oriented simulation in the field of project work puts the focus on a design of work processes which is conducive to learning. In the context of person-oriented simulation expert interviews were done with project-coaches who regularly talk to the team members in order to analyze specific situations in the project and to profit from their practical knowledge of the project. The guideline describes how teaching and learning processes can be triggered and initiated practically.



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